SmartCapillarity (SC) system is designed and developed to monitor the moisture of soil and determine the amount of irrigation water and plant water consumption using artificial intelligence. SmartCapillarity is the only robotic system, patented and produced by Yulug Engineering that can monitor capillarity water in soil with real time data’s and automatically manage the irrigation system with artificial intelligence
SmartCapillarity(SC) system is a whole system integrated with capillarity motion detection sensor (CMDS), control unit and cloud hosting with artificial intelligence and database that enables distribution to all users of the Internet-based service.
Depending on the purpose and structure one or multiple CMDS is placed in desired depth or region of soil profile. CMDS is a compact structure with 32 positioned pieces of “capillarity water motion detection” zone and one optional capacitive moisture sensor. CMDS, is a sensor consisting of software and electronic hardware that allows monitoring of capillarity water movements in the placed soil profile with real time data’s during and after irrigation.